Your food is grown by people not factories. People who take enormous care for how their products impact on the environment and society. And enormous pride in the premium products they grow and make. The love that goes into these products is the most important ingredient. 



Grist & Toll are not your average flour miller. Nan Kohler is a baker who became obsessed with flour. She has been sourcing the best and most delicious grain, milling it in a purist's manner on an authentic stone mill, and packaging it as fresh as possible for our boxes. She shares the same heart, soul and devotion to her craft as the amazing farmers who grow the grains for her, and this love can be tasted in her unique hand-milled flours.

Allstar Organics is a certified organic family farm since 1994, with fields in Marin and Sonoma counties in Northern California. Allstar Organics produces a growing line of dried herbs, herbal salts, and herbal sugars, grown,dried, hand-finished, and hand-packed on-farm. Their careful process ensures you experience true, field-to-table freshness, color, fragrance, and taste. Sustainably grown and rustically prepared, these pantry necessities add new zest and creativity to all your favorite dishes. If you enjoy cooking, and take pride in your results, you'll love using these exceptional ingredients. Certified organic and kosher. 

June Taylor is perhaps the First Lady of the artisan preserve movement with 30 years of experience working directly with small family farms, seeking out heirloom and forgotten fruits. Supporting the farmers who grow them helps to ensure that these varieties of fruit will not be lost.

Following traditional methods of preserving, organically grown fruit is hand-cut and stove-top cooked in small batches with the addition of a minimal amount of organic sugar and no commercial pectin, allowing the fullest flavors in the fruit to develop. Capturing these tastes is the craft of June's business.

Marian Farms is a Biodynamic® farm and distillery in Fresno, California using age-old farming methods. They make their own compost and preparations (homeopathic plant materials that stimulate plant growth and health), and they grow a diverse range of fruit and vegetables that thrive in the 12-month-a-year growing season of the Central Valley. Their commitment to Biodynamic farming involves a spiritual component and some serious elbow grease.

Old Dog Ranch is a 5th Generation San Joaquin County Family Farm specializing in organically grown walnuts and walnut products, including Seasoned Walnuts and Walnut Butter. The Ranch was named after Mollie Dog, a German Shepard, and Poppy, a Golden Retriever mix, who both lived happily into their mid-teens on the ranch. 

Mike Orlando of Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolates is a chocolate alchemist, making truly hand-crafted artisan chocolate. He sources raw, unroasted cocoa beans from single origin estates, growing co-ops, and plantations, and then hand sorts to remove any beans that are flawed or otherwise do not meet his strict standards of quality. He develops roast profiles to accentuate the flavor characteristics inherent in beans from each origin. The ingredients are then refined in a traditional stone melangeur, tempered, and molded by hand. He uses only the highest quality ingredients available, and the chocolate, made in Santa Barbara, California, is always prepared in small batches with no emulsifiers or additives.


Good Faith Farm believes in the power of good food to benefit our culture and improve the quality of our lives, but also to raise the consciousness of our planet.  At Good Faith, they farm without destructive methods or poisonous chemicals.  Their traditional lye-free, salt brine method preserves the fruit’s natural probiotic enzymes and showcases the subtle flavors of the olive. This old-world technique has sadly been lost in most modern day olive production where shelf life and a quick turnaround have won out over flavor and nutrition. After years of developing their process, they’ve created one of the best tasting and most nutrient rich raw olives on the market!

Bozzano Olive Ranch is family owned by the Bozzano Family, fourth generation farmers in the San Joaquin Valley, with family roots from Italy.  They farm, mill, and produce their own 100% Organic California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, working diligently to grow & produce award-winning organic premium extra virgin olive, that is fresh, healthy, and enhances the flavors of your food.  

And many many more stellar growers and makers who are all part of our growing food family...